Juvenile Crimes

If your child was arrested and accused of a crime, it is important to retain the counsel of an experienced juvenile lawyer as soon as possible. Although juvenile offenses are typically charged less seriously than adult offenses, minors can face serious penalties if convicted, including. Our criminal defense attorneys have represented hundreds of complex cases before the courts, and we can advocate for your child's rights and interests.

Common Juvenile Offenses

We can defend your child against all types of criminal charges and seek to have their charges reduced or dismissed. Some of the most common charges made against minors include:

·       Drug possession

·       Drug sales

·       Marijuana crimes

·       Shoplifting

·       I.D. theft or false I.D.

·       Hit and run

·       Underage DUI

·       Disorderly conduct

·       Assault

Our experienced firm has detailed understanding of  criminal procedures and we can build a comprehensive defense for your child no matter what charges they face.

 Keeping the Case in Juvenile Court

A common misconception is that minors are always tried in juvenile court, but in reality, minors can be tried in criminal court if their offenses are determined to be serious enough

We understand that this is a frightening and confusing time for your family, but we can provide the aggressive defense and strong advocacy you need and deserve. Call today!