O'Brien and O'Brien is a general practice law firm, practicing Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate & Estates

The law office of O'Brien and O'Brien are dedicated to going the extra mile for all clients.  This is a personal Law firm, where the same attorney will be at your side thorough your entire court preceding.  That means you won't be "shuffled" around to other attorneys during your case, but rather, enjoy the confidence of a single attorney from start to finish.

For more than 30 years, the attorneys at O'Brien and O'Brien have been serving the people of Suffolk County, offering knowledge and experience to the support of thousands of cases.  We appreciate your interest in O'Brien and O'Brien.

Our law firm is fully committed to protecting our client's rights and providing the best possible defense.

 O'Brien & O'Brien has also tried cases in NYS Court of Appeals.



Defending against crimes & frauds committed by business and professionals.

Family / Juvenile

Experience handeling serious and emotionally charged criminal accusations.

Traffic Violations

 O'Brien & O'Brien gets the best results. You should never plead guilty until consulting with an attorney.

The best criminal defense and knowlegable staff when facing sexual crime allegations.

Drug Crimes

The most experienced defense strategies when facing criminal drug charges.

Violent Crimes

We handle cases of violent crime charges which can carry some of the most severe penalties.

Year of experience with helping clients in matters of probation violations.

When faced with accusations of theft charges, we provide the most experienced counsel.

These violations carry serious consequences. Don't face such charges alone.


Crime against property, including fire, defacement,trespassing and vandalism are just some of the cases we handle.

Assisting our clients in all maters of marijuana related crimes and accusations.

Public Crimes

Cases against police use of force or and public officials are some of the public crimes we litigate.

We have years of experience litigating alcohol & drug-related violations.

Call Us now ...

  • A driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol arrest can seriously upset someones life and/or carreer.
  • We assist and litigate this difficult time for our clients, we have the experience in these kinds of cases and our service stands out above the rest. Don't wait to call an attorney if you are facing such charges.


Over 30 years experience in traffic court cases.

We have the experience to minimize/dismiss fines and charges for any traffic violation that you may be facing.

Accomplishments we have achieved for our clients.